January 2, 2008

Preferred Pursuits

Despite my best intentions, I got virtually nothing of consequence done today.

It's amazing how much time you can sink into seemingly simple chores. Clear the driveway of its latest helping of snow, slide around town to send mail and buy milk, exercise, shower, drum up a bit of freelance work, make some dinner to satisfy a stomach that remains unimpressed by the yogurt and banana you tossed into it hours earlier, and suddenly it's 10:15pm and you've not contributed one moment of the day to your long-term goals.

It's marginally comforting to couch all that in the second person, but it doesn't retrieve the lost seconds, does it?

On closer inspection, however, perhaps such pedestrian activities do contribute, each in its own opaque way. By exercising, I work toward a body I can be more comfortable in. By drumming up freelance work, I prevent my bank account from running dry in leaner times, freeing my mind to work on more than an ulcer while I wait for work to pick up.

All this could be just wishful thinking, and heaven knows my attitude wasn't as sunny while in the midst of the day's nonsense — I could've easily done without the garbage bag disintegrating for no apparent reason, and thus spreading yogurt lids, banana peels, and less identifiable filth around the kitchen, for instance — but I'm trying to find ways to keep a positive outlook, even if I haven't yet figured out how to devote every last waking moment to my preferred pursuits.

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