January 5, 2008

Take My Money? Please?

You'd think by now online merchants would have some clue how to run their businesses.

You'd be wrong, though.

My brother gave me a gift certificate to a certain bookseller for Christmas. Tonight I browsed their website, found a couple of books I wanted to spend the card on, and tried to sign into my account.

"No such account."

Okay, no biggie. I haven't used it in a long time, so they probably deleted it for inactivity. I create a new one.

My shopping cart is now empty for some reason.

Okay, no biggie, I remember the names of the books. Here, I'll just sign out of my newly created account and sign back in so the browser remembers the password.

"Incorrect password."

Okay, no biggie. Never mind that I copied and pasted it to ensure it was identical to what I entered on the sign-up form, but fine. Here, I'll just click the "forgot my password" link, enter my email address, and we'll get this straightened out, right?

I have yet to receive the promised email after a lot of waiting and repeated attempts.

This sort of inexplicable stupidity isn't limited to the online realm, either. Over the summer I had trouble with a small piece of siding on my house. No problem: just call someone from the yellow pages, pay out the nose, problem solved, right? I called every single siding repair outfit in the yellow pages, and more than once. Not one actually answered the phone, so I left polite messages explaining that I needed some siding repaired, and to please ring me. Not a single one returned repeated calls.

Please, won't someone relieve me of my hard-earned cash?

"Service economy" my white ass.


MacDaddy said...
It's amazing that our economy is doing so well with such a high level of retardation. Wait. Um. Yeah.

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