October 19, 2009

1995 Redux

It's been a tough few months. Stray cat drama, dropping temperatures, and 31 different flavors of angst. Yeah, try not to look so surprised, would you please?

Anyway. In a continuing series I like to call How Can I Put Myself through the Fucking Ringer Today?, I spent this evening listening to music I made almost 15 years ago. I decided that tonight was the night I'd finally do what I've been meaning to do for years now: put my goddamn music online, for free, for better or worse. I mean, it's not like anyone buys CDs anymore, much less ancient and obscure stuff by yours truly. Oh, I'll leave up the "buy physical object" link for now, but the more time passes, the greater difficulty I have pretending there's a point to its continued existence. (On the plus side, it looks like I shall never want for drink coasters.)

So, the entire Ipecac Loop album eX is now available for download. I'd ask that you not use any of the contents in any goddamn car commercials or the like, but let's face it: a), I'll be lucky if anyone even bothers to download it, and b), when did you last hear tale of someone actually respecting a creator's wishes?

Grab it, then drop me a line to let me know what you think. I hope you like even some small part of it.

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